At Dillashaw, LLC we specialize in working with new and emerging high growth businesses and their investors; we believe having a practice focused on this sector allows us to share best practices in the industry across our client base and to deliver high quality services efficiently. 


Choosing the right entity for your business, establishing the governance structure, and creating a solid, stable foundation for your business to grow


Not every business requires outside funding, but for those that do, you want an attorney that understands the dynamics between investors and founders and the fundamental needs of each

General Corporate Law

We can help you with your company's legal needs as it grows. From customer contracts to intellectual property licenses and development agreements, we have worked with many startups and understand the unique issues they face

Mergers and Acquisitions

When your business needs to expand, or when you have decided it's time to sell, we can guide you through the acquisition process and make sure you get the most out of each transaction

We also specialize in forming and working with B-Corporations, and to learn more about that practice, go to: